This Orphanage: we are planning to build it for Children which will be a beautiful haven

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where they will receive not only food and shelter, but also an education and training to help them become productive members of society.

The Orphanage is to be located in a beautiful, serene environment just south of Lahore, on the bank of the river. It is less than 30 minutes drive from downtown, so it’s close enough to have all the facilities, but it’s far enough as to be sufficiently out of the city. Furthermore, there are beautiful organic fruit, vegetable gardens as well as beautiful flower gardens on site.

By creating this orphanage we will make a difference in the number of girls who are tortured, raped and abused each day, and we will also give these girls hope and faith in their own future. The likelihood is that most of these girls will, at some point in their lives, become mothers.

We all know that parents parent their children better, as they know how. If one knows only abuse, torture and abandonment, then one will only be able to impart these to one’s children. If, however, one has received the gifts of hope, love, care, tenderness as well as an education and an ability to provide for oneself, then one will be able to impart these values to one’s children instead. Therefore, by changing the course of their lives we are changing the course of innumerable lives.

Moreover, we will have a full vocational training program for them, as they get older, to teach them essential skills in the world (including computers, typing, sewing, nursing, etc.)

Currently we need everything except the Children. Children are already ready and waiting. However we have received only a few thousand dollars in funding. The project is a several hundred thousand dollar project cannot be undertaken until sufficient funds are available.

We are happy to announce that through the Donation Coupons we raised some amounts through this Project. This is a fantastic contribution to start it.
The projects that we are working on will involve building schools, day centers, homes, clinics and much more.
We have multiple projects because there is so much to do for these communities.

We value our donors and welcome the opportunity to be of service.