According to our observation, knowledge and experience there is a large number or Orphan and Homeless Children in Pakistan and these children who have no concern about the religion and race are looking for help. In order to survive they need and deserve our caring attitude to feed them, provide them shelter, take care of their educational and vocational needs.

Many children dream of going to good schools and to live in a hygienic environment but such dreams seldom come true. A number of children are hungry and without clothes.
Many of them are forced to sleep in tents and on the walkways.

We see lot of children begging when we are going to school, college, office or market. They are mostly bare footed, shabbily dressed and dirty. They normally beg from people in the cars, on bikes or traveling by foot. Some of them give them some money and others ignore them. Most of time people and police treat them harshly, abuse and beat them, and they are easy fall prey to the police who arrest them without any reason.

My question is: why is it so, what is the fault of these children, have we fulfilled our duty in this case, like helping these children ingoing to school or learn basic life skills. What we see that these children are totally ignored and isolated. They are part of our future generation. It is our duty to help them in leading better life to protect their needs and rights. These are the children who don’t know from where their next meal is coming. These forgotten and neglected children are challenge to all of us.

We don’t understand if their future is dark or bight. It may be noted with great concern that 10 million children worldwide are exploited because of poverty and lack of education.

As we all know children cannot speak for themselves-they depend on us to speak for them. They are powerless; they suffer the most when resources are maldistributed. They need us to bring their very special needs to the notice of the power full.

With our concerted efforts and with generous donations we can open the doors of identifiable living for them. Now we have multiple tasks on our hands because there is so much to do for these children and for the poor society around us.

We are trying to build back for them what they have lost.

Children have lot of problems and all these problems are painful. Mere thought of this aim multiplies in our imagination when we think as if any such child could be our own

In over populated country magnitude of this problem is even hyper and at is not uncommon sight to see this phenomenon over there.

We will have to change our behavior towards poor children because they can also prove to be good citizens

As leader, we will not just wait for it happen we know very well  that it is not enough to dream about a better world. A better world will only come through careful planning, honest cooperation, and hard work

1.         Children should be heard, and their voices respected.
2.         Children are human being and not the property of their parents.