I boldly admit that I was a nominal Christian before came to God.
Although my father was a Pastor yet I did not accept Jesus Christ as my savior.
My life changed in 1997 when God brought me to South Korea to attend the Church Growth International Conference arranged by Dr. David Youngi Cho. God changed my spirit, soul and whole life by giving a wonderful vision for Orphan and Homeless Children.

After having this vision I was so confused because I had nothing and my mother was not financially strong, while my father had died in my childhood.

I shared my vision with my friends and different people. They all appreciated and advised me to go back to Pakistan and start it in the name of Jesus.
So I came back, and started my ministry in the name of Jehovah.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Since its beginning we are facing many problems to continue this mission, there are so many victories and joy also. Here I would like to share one of our victories in Christ. It’s my pleasure to share our joys and our victories in Christ. On 26th of October 1999 we had nothing to eat and the children did not take breakfast. On this hard time I went to my prayer room for prayer and prayed with tears “Oh Lord! You gave me this vision and you know, now we have nothing to eat, we have nothing to buy, Oh Lord help us,… help us,… help us, you are the provider, you are the provider, help us, help us.

During my prayer a child came to me and said “Sir! A person is calling you at the main door” when I met that unknown person he gave me envelope and said this is my donation for the children.
I become so happy when I opened envelope, and then I thanked Lord who provided this help in time by a miracle.

Dear, as we all know prayer is an important tool-the most powerful tool in the life of every believer in Jesus Christ. The Bible has much to teach us about the importance of Prayer, and the result of the prayer. Please pray for us to continue this mission and build a better world for children.